The construction of a modern building is formed by the parts that mutually support each other. potters lane Each part of the buildings has its own function because it is made for a particular purpose. The raw material of the structures also varies in accordance with the initial purpose of design and function, in order to make the best real estate and construction. In the real estate and construction, there are two main parts of the building: substructure and superstructure. The substructure is the undergone parts, while the superstructure is the upper ground parts. These parts are integrated to support the building and overcome the loads or nuisance from upper and under the ground.

The substructure parts are set under the ground. The parts of substructure building should be made properly to support or sustain the lower parts of the building in order to avoid the substructure parts of the building becomes stronger. Foundation (footing) and beam are the examples of substructure parts. On the other hands, the superstructure parts are the above surface on the ground which supports the purpose of establishing the building. The walls, columns, ventilation, ring beams, truss, and roof are the example of the examples of substructure parts.

If you want to build your new home, choosing the material and hiring the professional is the best recommendation to you. It also should be noticed that the foundation is part of the substructure directly set to the hard ground. The main function of the foundation is to hold the entire load of the building and the surrounding areas of the ground. Therefore, the construction of foundation must be absolutely solid and strong, whether it is made with raw materials such as brick and river stone or the beam materials. To get a solid foundation, the foundation jobs should be done by considering the supporting aspects of the foundation to avoid the structure of the building moving and to reduce the effect of the moving ground in the earth.